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Evergreen Tube Square Styrene Plastic .250Inch (6.3×6.3x355mm) (2pc) 254


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There are 3 StripStyrene 1/4″ Square Tubes (.250″ x .250″) Within This Evergreen Scale Models Package. eve-254



Use for concrete columns in the construction of modern structures.

May also be used to represent square steel or wood members in the construction of older structures.

White styrene tubes may be cut to fit modeling needs for any scale.

Sturdy and durable.

User friendly and economical.

High quality styrene material enhances scratch model building techniques.

Tubes may be painted or weathered for added realism to your model.

INCLUDES: Three 1/4″ Square Tubes


Size: 1/4″ (.250″ x .250″) (6.3mm x 6.3mm)

Avg. Length: 14″ (355mm)

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