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Majorette Taiwan Limited Man TGS Garbage Truck 212057500astb


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Majorette Taiwan edition MAN TGS Taiwan rubbish truck
 Product title 美捷輪小汽車 台灣限定特仕版 猛獅MAN TGS 台北市環保局垃圾車
 Product description
Another very common sight at given times of a day on Taiwanese streets and lanes, when you hear the familiar music tones blaring over the neighbourhood, you’ll know its rubbish collection time.  The Majorette model of the Taiwanese rubbish truck is based on the MAN TGS model and accurately replicated with the correct shade of yellow applied. Accurate markings and logos denote this vehicle is based on a rubbish truck belonging to the Department of environmental protection, Taipei City Government. Further markings include “Recycle resources to protect the earth” and “environmental protection waste collection truck”
本車以美捷輪的猛獅大貨車底盤配上垃圾車車身塗上穿梭台灣大街小巷的熟悉黃色垃圾車塗裝及隸屬管轄機關 「台北市環保局」 及 「愛護地球資源回收, 環保清潔車」等彩色字樣及標籤

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