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Majorette Taiwan Limited Nissan GTR Police 212057500asta


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Majorette Taiwan edition Nissan R35 GTR Taiwan police car  
Product title 美捷輪小汽車 台灣限定特仕版 日產 GTR 台灣警車  
Product description
Based on the Nissan GTR, this model replicates a general duties Taiwan police car with its dark blue panels and white doors. Accurately reproduced markings and logos shows the vehicle belonging to Datong Precinct of the Taipei City police department, which coincidentally, is the district where the Majorette importer of Taiwan, Asia goal is located. 
本車模型以日產GTR東瀛戰神為基礎, 漆上深藍與白色的台灣警車塗裝。並印上警察局徽及「台北市政府警察局」 及「大同分局」字樣和車號。

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