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Majorette Taiwan Limited Volkswagen Crafter Ambulance 212057500astd


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Majorette Taiwan edition Volkswagen Crafter Taiwan ambulance   
美捷輪小汽車 台灣限定特仕版 福斯汽車  Crafter 新北市政府消防局救護車   
Product description
Based on the newly released Majorette VW Crafter high roof, This model accurately replicates a Taiwanese ambulance with accurate livery and markings. The markings and logos indicate this vehicle belongs to the Fire Department, New Taipei City Government. Other accurately reproduced logos and slogans include the Taiwanese fire and ambulance emergency number of 119 and a slogan to encourage citizens to give way to ambulances during an emergency. 
本車以福斯汽車的Crafter高頂商用車為基礎, 塗上紅白救護車塗裝,加上紅十字, 119 及消防局徽章; 並印有 「救護車」, 「新北市政府消防局救護車」 及 「珍惜生命, 急救優先」 等字樣。呈現出高真實度的台灣救護車模型。

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