Traxxas Screw Set 1845



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This is the replacement screw set for the Traxxas Sledgehammer. 1845


There are both machine screws and self tapping screws in this set.



Metal construction Phillips drive insert



4x15mm Flathead screw (1)

3x20mm Self tapping screw (2)

4x12mm Flathead screw (7)

3x12mm Self tapping screw (10)

4x12mm Screw (2)

3x10mm Self tapping screw (5)

3x35mm Screw (2)

2.6x10mm Self tapping screw (8)

3x33mm Screw (3)

3x8mm Self tapping screw (4)

3x25mm Screw (2)

2x8mm Self tapping screw (2)

3x8mm Screw (2)

2.5x7mm Self tapping flathead screw (8)

3x5mm Screw (1)

3x24mm Self tapping flange screw (4)

3x6mm Flathead screw (1)

3x14mm Self tapping flange screw (6)

3x30mm Flange screw (2)

3x12mm Self tapping flange screw (13)

3x14mm Flange screw (4)

3x7mm Self tapping flange screw (8)

3x12mm Flange screw (8)

2.6x8mm Self tapping flange screw (2)

3x8mm Flange screw (4)

3x4mm Grub (or "set") screw (1)

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